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TMT Rebars are integral to every construction project.

Jindal Panther TMT Rebars go above and beyond, utilising advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver superior quality rebars that exceed industry standards and elevate the performance of your construction projects.

  1. Technologically Advanced Manufacturing: HYQST Technology (MORGAN, USA) and QST Technology (SMS MEER, Germany)
  2. Superior Strength: Surpassing the requirements of Fe500D, Fe550D, and Fe600CRS rebars standards
  3. Reliable and Trustworthy: Adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring reliable and consistent quality
  4. Complement Concrete: Provide the necessary tensile strength required for Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure



Achieve cost-efficient construction with Jindal Panther's TMT Rebars of superior strength, reducing steel consumption while maintaining unmatched quality


Superior weldability

Jindal Panther TMT rebars have low carbon content, making welding safer and faster without requiring preheating. Our HYQST/QST process ensures consistent tensile strength and higher elongation for every inch

Precision Engineered

Precision engineered

High-quality steel made from virgin iron ore using advanced refining processes with precise chemical control

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing model

Our recommended consumer price for Jindal Panther ensures fair pricing, uniformity and transparency for customers around the globe

High ductility

High ductility

Crafted using HYQST technology and iron ore, Jindal Panther TMT Rebars have low sulphur and phosphorus content, resulting in superior strength and durability

Strong Network

Strong Network

Jindal Panther's extensive network of dealers and distributors, spanning across India, along with its multi-channel retail presence, enables the company to provide unparalleled services to its customers

Diameter of Rebar

6mm - 40 mm


6mm - 12mm
Straight & Coil Form


Fe -500D
Fe- 550D
Fe- 600D
Fe-550 CRS
Fe- 600 CRS

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