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The success of Jindal Panther can be attributed to its commitment to innovation, setting new standards, enhancing capabilities, and improving lives in our pursuit of building a strong nation and empowering industries. Every Jindal Panther mark represents a promise of unparalleled quality and strengt

Panther Steel

Panther Face Embossing

A distinguishing Panther face embossed on the TMT Rebar confirms the authenticity of Jindal Panther TM Rebar.

Panther Steel
Fe 550D grade

Fe 550D grade

Exclusively of Fe 550 D grade, Jindal Panther TMT Rebars are meticulously manufactured from virgin iron ore lumps and fines through the BF & DRI route, ensuring unmatched purity and top-notch quality.

Panther Steel

Prominent and even rib pattern

Featuring a consistent and prominent rib pattern, the Jindal Panther TMT rebar stands apart, differentiating itself from lower-grade TMT rebars..

ISI mark

ISI mark and license number

Ensuring its authenticity, each Jindal Panther TMT rebar showcases the distinguished ISI mark and a specific license number engraved on it.


Sold only at Authorized Jindal Panther dealers

Jindal Panther TMT Rebars are exclusively available through our network of authorized dealers.


Manufactured only at Angul, Raigarh and Patratu

Jindal Panther TMT Rebars are meticulously manufactured exclusively at our cutting-edge facilities in Angul, Raigarh, and Patratu, ensuring uncompromising quality and performance..