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Cut & Bend Rebars

Almost every structure comes with its own unique requirements of design while Jindal Panther TMT Rebars are manufactured as per standard specifications. The practice of cutting and bending them at construction site to meet individual requirements can be labor intensive, time consuming and results in enormous material wastage.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution, Jindal Panther has introduced ready-to-use Cut and Bend rebars. At its Cut and Bend Mill, that employs the latest Italian technology, rebars are customized to lengths and bends at required angles, in order to meet the project requirements. This fast and efficient service is capable of managing inventories better by reducing material wastage and production costs, apart from ensuring aesthetically superior clean and strong bars, which are made available right at the site.

Cut Bend Rebars



There is a notable decrease in processing expenses as a result of maintaining lower inventories, minimizing wastage, and enjoying substantial savings in labor costs

Elimination of Waste

Elimination of Waste

Customers are only charged based on the theoretical blueprint weight. By adopting this system, customers can save significantly on waste processing and freight costs, leading to more efficient and cost-effective operations

Accelerated Lead Time

Accelerated Lead Time

Lead time is reduced, which in turn diminishes the necessity for inventory storage and avoids capital blockage. This streamlined approach allows for more efficient capital utilization and improved cash flow

 Space Constraints

No Storage and Space Constraints

With our streamlined process, materials are ordered and supplied as needed, ensuring prompt availability at the construction site for seamless assembly

Safe Operation

Simplified and Safe Operation

By eliminating the need to handle 12m bars, we enhance site neatness and significantly reduce the risks associated with accidents and thefts

Order Management

Efficient Order Management

With our customized delivery schedule from Jindal Panther RCS facilities, you have the ability to control the construction pace according to your specific requirements, allowing for enhanced project management and timely execution

Diameter of Rebar

6mm - 40 mm

Shape Type

Type -A, B , C , D
K ,L , M , N
U ,V , W , X

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