Jindal Panther, with its unwavering commitment to unmatched quality and reliability, has become synonymous with iconic projects, delivering excellence in every endeavor and empowering extraordinary constructions.

Throughout the years, Jindal Panther has earned its position as the preferred choice for TMT rebars in numerous projects across India. We take great pride in being a crucial component of monumental ventures that contribute to the country's economic infrastructure development. Our commitment to innovation and the production of superlative products ensures that we play an essential role in fueling progress and success in the construction industry. With every project we are involved in, we strive to deliver top-notch quality and reliability, cementing our reputation as a trusted partner in India's remarkable journey of growth and development.

Festival City Noida

Jindal Panther is proud to strengthen this luxurious residential property

Festival City Noida is a prestigious residential project coupled with the largest marketplace in Noida, featuring an impressive collection of around 1,500 retail shops. Strategically situated on the main exit of Noida Expressway, this commercial complex is tailor-made for visionary entrepreneurs unwilling to compromise on their aspirations.

Bogibeel Bridge , Assam

Jindal Panther is proud to strengthen India’s longest rail-road bridge

Spanning the Brahmaputra River, Bogibeel Bridge stands as the fifth largest bridge in the country, with a remarkable length of 4.94 km. Designed to withstand earthquakes, the bridge features fully welded steel-concrete support beams, making it India's first bridge of its kind. With a serviceable period of around 120 years, this engineering marvel is equipped with a double rail line on the lower deck and a three-lane road on the upper deck, ensuring seamless connectivity and enduring strength for generations to come.

Kochi Metro, Kerala

Jindal Panther is proud to strengthen India’s first metro that connects rail, road and water transport facilities

Completed within 4 years, Kochi Metro stands as one of India's fastest metro projects, offering seamless connectivity to the city of Kochi. Notably, it is the country's first metro system to integrate rail, road, and water transport facilities, enhancing overall transportation options. Recognised for its excellence, Kochi Metro received the Best Urban Mobility Project in India award from the Urban Development Ministry. Additionally, it made history by being the world's first rapid transit system to be managed entirely by women.

Sands Infinit - Kochi

Jindal Panther TMT is proud to strengthen Sands Infinit , Kochi

Sands Infinit, Kochi is Kerala’s tallest and largest IT building in SmartCity Kochi. The 32-storied Twin IT tower on a single podium is developed in an area of 12.74 acres encompasses 37 lakh Sq.ft of built up area. From the great heights of Sands Infinit one can see the horizon extending into infinity, enjoy the calmness of unhurried backwaters and imagine a powerful business ecosystem coming to life.

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