With meticulous craftsmanship in state-of-the-art integrated steel manufacturing facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure, Jindal Panther TMT Rebars stand as a testament to unwavering dedication.

Jindal Panther TMT Rebars undergo a remarkable journey of creation, forged through a unique fusion of iron making, steel making, and rolling techniques. This intricate process imbues these rebars with an extraordinary blend of strength, safety, and ductility, surpassing all other TMT rebars in the market.


manufacturing process

Jindal Panther Fe550D Rebars stand as a testament to superior steel bar manufacturing.

With an innovative and meticulous production process, these rebars are meticulously crafted to provide exceptional strength, durability, and reliability. The production journey follows a well-defined path, ensuring the highest quality standards at every step.

Advanced HYQST/QST Process:

State-of-the-art technique involving hot rolling, water quenching, self-tempering, and atmospheric cooling for enhanced mechanical properties and superior performance.

Iron Making:

Utilization of virgin iron ore lumps and fines through BF & DRI route, ensuring purity and quality.

No Twist Continuous Rolling Mill:

Cutting-edge equipment incorporating HYQST/QST technology for precise shaping, uniformity, and exceptional surface finish.

Uncompromising Quality Standards:

Stringent quality control measures to meet international specifications and exceed customer expectations, offering high strength and ductility.

Metallurgical Aspect:.

Panther 5500
Martensite Zone

Hardness 250 -270 HV
Depth 20 to 25 % of Dia

Transition Zone (Bainite)

Hardness 200 -220 HV
Depth 2 to 5 % of Dia

Ferrite + Pearlite Zone

Hardness 170-190 HV

TMT Rebars are integral to every construction project.

Forged with precision and innovation, Jindal Panther TMT Rebars unlock the boundless potential of steel. Through our state-of-the-art HYQST/QST technology, we ensure uniformity and excellence across every bar. The proof lies in the perfect ring that graces every cross-section, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality

By employing partial quenching, our bars exhibit a unique microstructure. The outer layer boasts the strength of Tempered Martensite, while the inner core features the ductility of Ferrite-Pearlite. This delicate balance of strength and flexibility empowers our TMT bars to deliver secure designs with minimal reinforcement, providing unparalleled safety against seismic activity. The distinctive ribbed design of our TMT bars forms an unbreakable bond with concrete, enhancing the structural integrity of your projects.


Key highlights:

QST technology

Industry leading HYQST/ QST technology


Advanced Level 2 Automation

Process Control

Precision process control

Automatic Material Icon

Automatic material handling system