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The Next Big Development in TMT Bars

2023-07-16 Team Jindal Panther

Thermo-mechanically treated bars, most popularly known as TMT bars, were first introduced in 1979 that played a key role in the foundation of large concrete structures we see today. Over time, there has been a significant shift in consumer demand and advancement in the quality of material produced and sold. Today, TMT bars are no more just thermo-mechanically treated. They are produced through the advanced HYQST (High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering Process)/QST (Quenching and Self Tempering) process, creating the best steel bars available today in India classified as Fe 550D.

This HYQST/QST process ingrains higher tensile strength to bars, increasing flexibility and ductility, thus, providing maximum safety during natural calamities like earthquakes. Moreover, a unique ribbed design on these bars forms a stronger bond by uniting cement and metal. Due to its far superior strength, it has also been observed that using this sariya helps save money. Since it has a better load capacity, it requires lesser bars to produce a more effective and long-lasting outcome.

With the increasing population and modern-day demand for high-rise buildings, using the toughest material to construct these tall structures has become imperative. Thus, Fe 550D, which is currently the most superior form of TMT sariya, is widely used across commercials and residential structures like rail and metro networks, bridges, ports, and tall buildings.

TMT is one of the core elements of a structure that strengthens it and protects it from environmental disturbances. It helps increase the construct quality while decreasing the overall expenditure. As the requirement and demand of any product rise, so is its counterfeits in the market. That's why choosing an established brand that can easily be distinguished from others matters.

Jindal Panther, India's largest producer of Fe 550D grade TMT rebar, provides enhanced physical, chemical and mechanical properties by producing its bars in highly controlled and advanced manufacturing processes at JSP's own manufacturing plant. The original TMT bars will have panther face embossing, will only have Fe 550D grade, ISI mark with license number, prominent & even rib pattern, and manufactured only at Angul, Patratu, and Raigarh. These bars can be sourced from the authorised Jindal Panther dealers nationwide.