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5 Things You Most Likely didn't Know About Buying TMT Steel

2023-07-16 Team Jindal Panther

TMT steel bars are one of the most vital materials required to strengthen the foundation of a building. It not only adds to the strength of the structure but also makes it earthquake resistant. Its solid outer structure and softer core deliver a perfectly balanced blend of toughness and flexibility to the entire structure. Due to its widespread use and rising demand, there are many varieties of such bars available in the market today. Here are 5 things that will help you buy the best TMT bars for your construction projects.

Steel quality: Many brands use scrap or ingots for steel melting without any secondary refining process. Look for a trusted brand that uses virgin iron ore and has a state-of-the-art steel refining and production process.

Advanced technology: HYQST (High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering) is a new technology that offers high strength and ductility to TMT rods, which creates a uniform outer structure and softer ferrite and pearlite core.

BIS certification: BIS, or Bureau of Indian Standards, is the National Standard Body of India whose certification guarantees the quality, safety, and reliability of products to the customers. There are multiple brands available in the market that are not BIS certified, thus lacking quality control. Jindal Panther is a renowned name that surpasses the minimum specified BIS levels and offers more value for money with 7-8% savings.

Rib pattern: The rib pattern allows for a strong bond between cement and these metal bars. Always buy TMT steel bars with a uniform rib pattern engraved through computer-controlled notch making machines. The other bars may look similar with x rib or non-uniform patterns but will not provide a similar bonding with the concrete.

Quality: We would recommend you to carry out your own research rather than just going by the word of your nearest dealer. Once you identify the differences among the variety of products available in the market, you will learn the world-class quality a national brand like Jindal Panther delivers.

Another critical aspect that you need to focus on while buying TMT is that a quality product's pricing will not fluctuate with market trends. It will have uniform pricing across authorised dealers and can easily be distinguished from counterfeits in the market. Jindal Panther is the largest producer of Fe 550 TMT steel, and its products are considered the gold standard in TMT rods for their world-class quality and competitive pricing.