Annual Dealer Meet of Punjab Region held on 22-23rd July 2018 at Kasauli Resort

23 Jul, 2018

Annual Dealer Meet of Punjab region under the distributorship of M/s Kedarsons International, Ludhiana held at Kasauli Resort, hill station of Kasaul. Meeting took place over a span of two days from 22nd - 23rd July 2018. 17 dealers of M/s Kedarsons International allotted territory participated in the event.

On 23rd of July 2018, NSM - TMT, Mr. Rohit Lamba and PAG Head, Mr Ashwani Kumar graced the occassion and englightened the dealers by Imbibing technical knowledge as well as vision of sales team.

After the technical presentation and speech by Mr. Lamba, an open session was conducted where dealers put their queries and concerns in front of NSM-TMT, Head PAG and RPM Punjab Region, Mr. R. P. Singla.

Certainly the dealers had a great time and enjoyed the hospitality honored. In concluding session all dealers were provided with their Dealer Certificates with token of thanks.

This annual dealer meet was certainly a moral booster for all the retail partners.

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